Lazy Days and Hammocks

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The Story

Although we stumbled upon many tasks that needed doing while frolicking through our community, there were times when relaxing and reflecting were the perfect alternatives. There were days when I chose to be quiet, absorbed in my own thoughts, dreams, and wishes. My thoughts were always vivid and ran freely. I would crouch down in different places inside the house to escape from everyone and everything, just to be alone in my own thoughts. However, my favorite place to dream and imagine was outside.

Escaping outside among the trees just to listen to the sounds of nature would give me much satisfaction and contentment. If you listened closely enough, you could hear birds singing, frogs croaking, owls hooting, crickets chirping, and the rhythmic sound the rain made as it bounced from tin-top roofs on stormy days. Now, I didn’t care too much for the thunder and lightning, but I enjoyed walking and playing in the light rain with my bare feet. I enjoyed the feeling of gentle rain cascading over me as I played in the front yard before we were summoned inside.

Old folk, or wise folk, as they are rightly referred to, did not allow any horseplaying when it rained, especially when thunder and lighting occurred. They would place the entire house, all activities and moment on total lockdown. Life as you knew it came to an abrupt cessation. They would reverently and fearfully exclaim something to the effect of, “Be still while God is doing His holy work.”

We had to sit patiently on the couch, on the floor, or take a nap while God did His work. We had to be totally still like we did when we were in church. I guess God did not like to be distracted, and our caregivers were not going to let that occur. The television was unplugged as well as anything powered by electricity. This was done, in my opinion, to respect God’s work, respect the laws of science, and to respect our own superstitious beliefs.

As children, we just wanted the work to be completed and for the rain to stop so we could get back to our playing. We would pleadingly sing, “Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day…” But perhaps this was the day the rain had returned, and our wish had been granted.

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